Healthy Salad


Your Why:

For almost everyone the goal is to lose weight, but to get there we first have to treat our bodies well. Most people you know or see on social media are doing a cleanse, drinking skinny teas, intermittent fasting, keto, drastic calorie cuts and who knows what else to lose weight. It is trends like this that keep the vicious cycle of diet culture going. 

For you, to have reached out to me that says you have had enough. You have decided to end the yo-yo diets and workouts for food punishment. You will stop getting on the scale every day and yelling at yourself in the mirror if you did not lose a pound, or gain a pound. It is time to begin the process of healing your body and mind from the years of body hatred and crash diets. It is time for you to take your body back and break up with the toxic diet culture. 

One on One Coaching Model: 

Years and years of ups and downs can not be reversed overnight, it takes time. Time you have to be ready to give or else you will get discouraged. This is why having a coach with your best interest is crucial. Someone who will be there with a gentle hand to help you along and pick you up when you fall. They will also help battle back the voices of doubt, the ones who tell you to eat less and work harder and you will have 6 pack abs overnight. To remind you that social media is fake, that all the filters in the world will not make us happy. 

    First and foremost, we will use whatever method that fits your needs to ensure that you are eating enough to fuel your body properly. We are all unique and so are the needs of our bodies. For some that means putting a pen to paper others will use a tracking app. There will be a learning period so that you and I can sync up and be on the same page. Once we have established a good base we will make an individualized plan to reach your goals. 

    Practice makes progress not perfection. That means we will practice prioritizing food choices while also having the freedom to eat the foods we enjoy. No foods will be good, bad, or off-limits. Based on my experience, if you are told you can not have something you will crave it even more. I will help you learn the importance of fueling your body and how it will lead to living a long healthy life. There is no right or wrong way to go about nutrition, that is why I am here to help you sift through all the information out there. 

What to expect:

After the initial interview and assessment, I will get to work mapping out an individualized plan to reach your goals. Together, we will make sure you are properly fueled and eating at your maintenance calories. This might mean that you are eating more food at first so we can get your health markers up. (Ex. sleep, hormones, thyroid, etc.) If fat loss is your goal, we will get there but not until a minimum of 3 months is spent eating at maintenance calories. We are a tracking based coaching model, but fear not! That doesn’t mean you have to track your food for the rest of your life. After we have laid the foundation and achieved our goal, we then transition to intuitive eating. 

I focus HEAVILY on biofeedback and health markers rather than the number on  the scale. This means you will learn how to pay attention to your energy levels, sleep, hunger cues, digestion, sex drive, performance, etc. These are what we call NON-scale victories. Most importantly, you will learn how to love the process and how to show up for yourself every single day. 

You can expect me to check on you via text, email, carrier pigeon and skywriting. The last two are a joke! But only slightly. I am very involved and hands-on and have only your best interests at heart. Through this process you will learn lifelong sustainable habits. 

What the heck are maintenance calories? 

    Maintenance calories refer to how many calories you can consume before you start to see any changes on the scale or in body composition. In addition to that you feel like a 10/10 on a daily basis! You’re sleeping like a rockstar, you feel powerful and recover well in your workouts. Sex drive is high, your hormones and thyroid are working how they should. For ladies that means our menstrual cycle is regular. We will dive deeper into the meaning of eating here and what it means for your journey to your goal. 

What I expect as your Coach:

You will be asked to fill out a few initial intake forms to get started and respond to check in’s in a detailed manner. “All Good” doesn’t cut it around here, I want to know the good, the bad and the ugly. I expect you to try your best because that is what counts. My motto will always be, progress over perfection. I expect you to do the work, and if you are struggling to do so I ask that you be open and honest and communicate that with me.