Healthy Food

Stages of Sustainable Change

Lasting Change takes time and patience. So instead of doing another restrictive crash diet, let's focus on nourishing your body so it can perform at an optimum level. That means focusing on and improving bio health markers before reducing calorie intake. 

Phases of Change

The Reverse Diet

A reverse diet is a gradual increase of calories over a span of time. This phase is an important one, jumping right to a maintenance calorie could result in some negative feedback from your body. So we go slow to minimize bloating or composition changes as well as to build confidence and consistency in your habits. 

The amount of time it takes to finish a reverse depends on your current calorie intake and trust in the process. Trusting the process means hitting your daily target, reaching out if you need help and being open and responsive on check in days. 

Maintenance Phase

Eating at maintenance is a range of calories not one set number. This is where your body thrives, you are being fed and your hormones and thyroid are taking a well deserved break from stress. We are crushing sleep, sex drive is up, digestion is good and the gym feels amazing and not like a chore AKA life is good all around This is where we should be spending most of our time throughout the year. Cuts, reverse diets and surplus, are just temporary breaks we take from eating at maintenance. 

Fat Loss Phase

A fat loss phase or a “cut” is a gradual reduction of calories. Much like the reverse diet, we will slowly pull calories away and promote fat loss over lean muscle loss. If your body is fed and fed well for long enough then when we enter that phase it will be easier to lose fat.