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Performance Nutrition

A solid (healthy) relationship with nutrition is just as important, if not more important than any physical training you might do for your athletic performance. Yes, being dialed in for certain seasons is necessary. But that doesn't mean you can not enjoy food while you do it. CK Performance nutrition is all about learning how to fuel your body for performance without hyper restricting or fixating on food. 

Performance Nutrition

$145 Monthly/$72.50 Biweekly

  • A coach who truly wants you to help you achieve your performance goals.

  • A personalized Macro Nutrition plan to fit your athletic needs and training schedule.

  • Check-in software with a habit tracker, that automatically syncs your nutrition information.

  • In-depth weekly Check in forms

  • Weekly check ins with a coach via Zoom or loom voice memos.

  • Easy access to your coach via the messaging service.

  • A massive resource library 

  • Mindset modules centered around athletic performance. 

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