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60+ Strength Training 

A small group class designed to help you maintain and regain a healthy independent lifestyle. Back in Action was formed in 2019 with the goal to create positive change in the lives of its members. The program is currently held at the Bourne Community Center on Monday's and Friday's from 9-10am. Please come in and try a class! 

Strength Training

Strength training is so much more than having visible muscles. It’s about picking up your grandkids, carrying in your own groceries, carrying the laundry basket down the stairs, and being able to pick yourself up if you fall.  We also work on training that  big brain of yours!


Mobile joints are happy joints! We work on trying to improve  those nagging aches and pains. We do this by moving our bodies the way they are designed to.


Most importantly we are a community of like minded individuals. Having friends you can talk about similar life experiences with is important. It makes the process of increasing your health more fun when you’re having a laugh or two!

Back In Action: About
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