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Coach Kali, LLC

Online Nutrition Coaching

My Mission

I have been working in the industry for almost 10 years! And my, what a journey it has been. But, over those years I have learned that the industry I love is broken. We are constantly being fed the narrative that more and more will get us what we want.  Our inboxes are constantly flooded with quick fix programs and "magic" supplements. That if we are just a little more "dedicated" to the process we will get fast, long lasting results. 

This, my friends, is far from the truth. You deserve to find joy in food and fitness. It shouldn't be a never ending cycle of restrictions and punishment. 

​You can and will achieve your goals, without losing yourself in the process. This means no more skipping events or parties because you can't control the food. Working out for hours to burn off the ice cream you had. It is finding the middle ground, the happy place, where you enjoy your food, hit your workouts guilt and shame free.

If you are over program hopping and are ready to work towards a sustainable relationship with nutrition. Then we have programs for you! CK is the perfect landing spot to help you find the joy in fitness and nutrition again, so you can live your life guilt free and still get to your goals!

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